Your French is at B1 level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

You can apply for a place at our school via the Polytech Group online application procedure.

Entry is available :

Please visit the site of the Polytech Group

Foreign language graduation requirements :


You study at Hohai University or Nanjing Agricultural University

You can apply for the double degree program

The selective process is organized jointly by your university and Polytech Lille. Candidates should be in their second year of studies in their home institution at the moment of their application. The selected students will have to attend an intensive course in French (partly in China and partly in France). Required entrance level in French at Polytech Lille : B1

For Nanjing Agricultural University, the double degree concerns only the field of Food Engineering.

Students are admitted to the third year at Polytech Lille for a two-year period of study (which includes 2 internships). After the two academic years at Polytech Lille, double degree students go back to their home institution to complete the Master of Science. At the end of their studies, they obtain two degrees : the “diplome d’ingénieur” and the “Master of Science”.

Foreign language graduation requirements :

For more information, please contact the international offices at Hohai University or Nanjing Agricultural University.


You are currently completing a Beng or Bsc(or equivalent) at your home university and would like to come and study in France

Preparing a Master of Engineering degree (Diplôme d’Ingénieur) in 2 years at Polytech Lille is open to graduate students via the ‘n+i’ program. Candidates must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.

« N+i » offers a complete package of personalized services :

After successful completion of the methodological semester, « n+i » students are offered a place in one of the engineering schools taking part in this programme.

Polytech Lille is one of the member Schools of “n+i”.

Before joining Polytech Lille, students spend 4 days in Paris (Cultural Integration) and may attend a 7-week intensive French course  (Language Integration) at a Language Learning Center (in Vichy or in Paris) and a semester of study (Methodology Integration) at another partner school in France member of “n+i” network. Then the study period at Polytech Lille is organized in 3 semesters (including 2 internships) leading to the “diplome d’ingénieur” (master of engineering). Students have to reach a B1 level in French before arriving at Polytech Lille.

For more information about the study program, admission process and tuition fees, please see « n+i »                

Foreign language graduation requirements :

Minimum level of English equivalent to 785 points on the TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication).
B2 level in French


You are a non-French speaker and currently completing a Beng or Bsc in Mechanical, Electrical, Software Engineering, Automation or Mechatronics

International Master in Robotics & Transport (courses taught in English)

The international Master “Robotics & Intelligent Transport” (MRT)  is designed to train international students interested in developing their professional knowledge and skills in the areas of autonomous and intelligent transportation systems (automobile, aeronautics). It is delivered jointly by Polytech Lille and Ecole Centrale de Lille.

The Master is organized in two years (4 semesters, 30 ECTS credits each).

For more information about the MRT degree course