At Polytech Lille, a network of 8,500 qualified engineers, working at executive or management level, is available to participate in the training of their future colleagues and accompany them in their professional careers.






> At  least  20%  of  the  courses  are  given  by  industrialists (presentations, conferences)
> Tutorials,  case  studies,  technical  projects  and  final  year projects provided by companies
> Our researchers excel in R&D through the implementation and monitoring of their research projects and collaborative contracts between businesses and laboratories

Various  companies  are  present  within  the  different  levels of management at the school: governing body, committees…
The  school  has  developed  partnerships  with  more  than 350 businesses.

Placements and Projects

The student engineers at Polytech Lille undertake at least 26 weeks of placements during their studies. These placements are carried out mainly within companies.

3rd year : “Work experience” placement. Duration : 4 to 8 weeks

4th year : “Technical” placement / assistant engineer. Duration: 6 to 13 weeks

5th year : Engineer placement. This placement can the form of a research project  with a public or private laboratory. Duration: 4 to 6 months

Project-based learning

Being an engineer involves implementing projects that take into account various technical, organizational and financial aspects. This approach is initiated within the School via active project-based learning throughout the course. Projects allow the student engineers to apply knowledge, information, competences and social skills to concrete issues.

The Industrial Relations department is the main interface between companies and the school, especially with respect to the placement offers, partnership proposals and conferences.

The alumni association: a network of more than 9000 qualified engineers

– Maintains a link between engineers
– Helps with integration into the corporate world
– Directory of  professional contacts
– 5,000 job offers
– A magazine
– Company visits
– Organization of events and co-organization of degree ceremonies






Not-to-be-missed events:

Entrepreneurial culture days : these specific days are aimed at making student engineers aware of innovation. It involves the presentation of various professions, real-life experiences, advice from professionals from different fields, round-table discussions…
> The «Open’Stages day» (placement forum)
> The annual forum at which companies and student engineers can meet.
> The “Pauses-Ingé” (informal discussions)

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Covid-19, notre Université est mobilisée et solidaire.   L’école est engagée dans la cellule “Alternatives technologiques” du CHU de Lille pour les équipement et dispositifs médicaux.   Missions : créer des pièces en 3D pour suppléer aux besoins non couverts, soit en reproduisant la pièce exacte, soit en adaptant le procédé technique.   Le Fabricarium, FabLab […]


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