Hall of residence on campus

The University of Lille 1 and Polytech Lille can offer to exchange students coming from our partner institutions accommodation in the hall of residence ‘’REEFLEX’’.
We can propose a 18m² single room at a rate of 351 €/ month.
It includes: a kitchenette equipped with 2 hotplates, a fridge and cupboards, a private bathroom (shower and toilets), desk, storage space, wireless internet.
Please mention in the ‘Accommodation’ section of the application form that you want to apply for a room in a student residence.
As the number of room is limited, we cannot guarantee to meet all the accommodation requests.

Private accommodation

Searching for a private housing from outside the country can be difficult. You won’t be able to visit apartments and make fully informed decisions. It may also be difficult, from a distance, to persuade a property owner to let you sign a rental contract or convince him that you have someone who will guarantee payment of your rent. Students must have a guarantor living in France or in another European country. If you do not have a guarantor, you may have to pay a year’s rent in advance. For these reasons, we strongly recommend you to apply for accommodation in a hall of residence.

Share house

If you choose to share a flat with 2 or 3 students in town, you will be quite far from the school but closer to the city center. The rent will be often more expensive than on the cam-pus. You will also have to pay a local tax called “taxe d’habitation” (which is not the case in a public hall of residence).
Useful websites :  , , , , , , ,,
The CRIJ (Regional Center for Youth) is a public organization which can provide an accommodation service, facilitating contacts between the owners of flats and young people.

Private hall of residence close to Polytech Lille (in Villeneuve d’Ascq)

Studéa Lille1
Résidence Grand Stade

Private hall of residences in Lille

Résidence Studéa Centre et Studéa, Studéa Gambetta, Studéa Moulins, Studéa Sébastopol, Studéa Montebello, Résidences Les Lauréades de Lille-Lambret, Les Lauréades de Lille-Flandres et Le Jardin des Sciences de Lille
Appart’City (Résidences Appart’City Campus Lille Euralille and Appart’City Campus Lille Grand Palais)
Les Estudines (Résidences Les Estudines d’Artois, Les Estudines Flandre-Gambetta et Les Estudines Lille-Europe) : another useful website to look for private student accommodation


Youth Hostel

If you want to live in a shared flat in town and if you haven’t find your flat yet, it will be pos-sible to stay in a youth hostel during your search if you book it in advance.
The “Hostel Gastama”
The « Auberge de Jeunesse de Lille »